Eurosystems is a young and dynamic company with decades of experience in research, design and systems integration for telecommunications, remote control and management , including remote maintenance systems for elderly or incapacitated for the performance of their daily activities.
Particular attention is given to the activities of system-integrator designed to obtain the demands of its customers and turn them into workable solutions.
All products are designed and manufactured in Italy in accordance with the regulations and in compliance with the directives of the Ministry of Communications, for total security on the part of those who use them.

Eurosystems looks to the future through continuous research and innovative product design, also the result of its exclusive patents.

This site aims to be an effective reference tool to choose the item that best suits your needs, make sure you have faced a serious organization that guarantees the product and service.



The product categories

  • Electronic telephone exchanges.

  • VoIP telephone exchanges.

  • Converters GSM.

  • Telephone accessories.

  • Software applications compatible with the telephone Eurosystems.

  • System integrator to customer specifications.



The services offered

  • Sales configurator.

  • Estimates ONLINE custom.

  • Sales support.

  • Boats.

  • Training at various levels.

  • Comprehensive assistance.

  • Manuals also ON-LINE.

  • Free software applications for scheduling and remote management of power plants.

  • Software applications for hotels and offices, free of charge for one month.


  gli utilizzatori  


  • Homes.

  • Offices.

  • Professional firms.

  • Hotel.

  • Tourist activities.

  • Commercial companies.

  • Industrial companies.

  • Public bodies.

  • Security bodies.

  • Public assistance.


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